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Millions of people have precious memories of an Algonquin experience — perhaps the unforgettable fishing trip twenty years ago, perhaps falling asleep after a hard day with the wild calls of loons reverberating from ancient moonlit hills, or perhaps marvelling from a clifftop at wild, rugged country stretching as far as the eye can see.   The granddaddy of all parks, Algonquin covers 7,725 sq km. Algonquin Provincial Park is Ontario's oldest and most famous park. An oasis of rocky, windswept beauty, this wilderness jewel has been an inspiration for artists and a magnet for nature lovers for more than a century. With over a thousand lakes and rivers, towering forests, long, sandy beaches and a huge variety of wildlife, it's no surprise the park attracts fishermen, paddlers, hikers and cyclists from every corner of the world.   Visit Algonquin Park at: For tourism information visit:
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View our 2016/2017 Visitors Guide   This Huntsville/Lake of Bays & Algonquin Park Visitors Guide is designed to introduce you to all this area has to offer. You'll be impressed by our colourful history, the vast array of available goods and services, and the facilities and activities that make visiting and living here so wonderful. And you'll catch a glimpse into a prosperous future of which you can be a part.   Welcome to our community. We're absolutely sure you're going to love it here.   If you would like a copy of the guide mailed to you, please contact us at 705-789-4771 ext. 21 or email us.
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F​or Tourism Information click here   To Download a Map of Huntsville click here   Click here for our Visitors Guide

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