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TitleA Speaker Series Presentation – Looking to Tom: The Enduring Fascination with Tom Thomson’s Art
Place nameActive Living Centre
Date startTuesday, July 04 2017 07:00pm (291 Days Ago)
Date endTuesday, July 04 2017 08:30pm (291 Days Ago)

Guest Speaker: Andrew Kear, Curator of Historical Canadian Art


A century after his death, Tom Thomson has become more than the sum of his parts. His story has been taken up by everyone from Northrope Frye to The Tragically Hip. His name is woven into Canada’s national mythology and, along with the likes of Gretzky, Fox, Riel, and McClung, is not merely recognized, but also revered. If we tear away the accrued myth—the under-documented details of his life, the tragic brevity of his career, and the mystery surrounding his wilderness death—Thomson was, in his time, just a painter struggling for his art and to make ends meet. How should we now think about Thomson as an artist? What motivated his game-changing paintings of the Canadian wilderness in the first place? And how have subsequent artists like the Group of Seven, Joyce Weiland, and Peter Doig been inspired by his life and work? Born in Huntsville, Andrew Kear is Curator of Canadian Art at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and a sessional lecturer at the University of Winnipeg. He has written and curated exhibitions on a range of historical and contemporary Canadian artists, including the Group of Seven and William Kurelek. Town of Huntsville presents Andrew Kear and invites the Community to hear and see is enthralling presentation!


1 evening $5/person; $12/family Pre-Registration or at the Door

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