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TitleCinemuskoka Events: Saturday
Place nameAlgonquin Theater and Rivermill Park
Date startSaturday, September 02 2017 02:00pm (321 Days Ago)
Date endSaturday, September 02 2017 10:00pm (321 Days Ago)

Algonquin Theatre:


Filmmaker Forum- 5 women at different stages of thier careers showcase their work and talk about their challenges in the film industry.


Shorts Program #2: Laughter, Lust, and Love- A collection of short films on amorous themes.


Sister Elizabeth- A documentary about a nun who escaped from Soviet controlled Hungary in 1950 and survived to go on and build an empire of old age homes to serve the needs of the frail and vulnerable.


Dim the Flourescents- The only places a struggling actress and an aspiring playwright can find paying work by using thier talents are in role-playing demonstrations for corporite seminars.


River Mill Park:


Mixed Shorts- A short film about what it means to Canoe+ a collection of shorts from each of the 3 programs.


Weirdos- Just after the end of the Vietnam War and in the midst of the American bicentennial celebrations of 1976, runaway Kit and his girlfriend Alice hitchhike thier way along the east coast of Canada.

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