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TitleCome Listen to the Radio
Place nameDwight Library
Date startSaturday, June 18 2016 07:00am (948 Days Ago)
Date endSaturday, June 18 2016 09:00am (948 Days Ago)

Come, listen to the Radio!! Join us in a trip back to the days of Radio Drama, to a live-audience taping of two short radio plays... Gather round, with coffee, tea and dessert while you are entertained by music and two very different tales.


Familiar Faces, first performed for the Queen’s University Guildhall Theatre in 1975, a mystery where you must decide the ending.

Connections, a new tale, true tale, of lives that tangle together, from Russia to the Lake of Bays.


Scripts by Nancy Tapley, Music by Sharon Webster. Refreshments provided by the Friends of the Dwight Library. Tickets are $15 per person.

Event starts June 18th at 7 PM at the Dwight Library

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