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TitlePotential Public Wolf Howl
Place nameOutdoor Theatre
Date startThursday, August 14 2014 08:00pm (1651 Days Ago)
Date endThursday, August 14 2014 11:00pm (1651 Days Ago)

Join us for a famous Algonquin Park Public Wolf Howl. After a slide talk on wolf ecology, participants receive special instructions, and we then travel by car (on rare occasions, walk) to a place where wild wolves may answer the imitations given by the naturalist staff.

This event is held only if weather and accessible wolves permit. The final decision to hold a Public Wolf Howl is determined the morning of the event based upon the weather and scouting by the naturalist staff on the previous days. Check on the day of a projected Wolf Howl for confirmation or keep up-to-date about this event automatically. Select "Other Event Actions" (below) and then "Notify me of changes" and enter your e-mail contact info. You will receive automatic updates for this event as they are posted. If you are in the Park the day of a potential howl, check Park bulletin boards for confirmation.

If you are coming to a Public Wolf Howl, ensure you have a Park permit, arrive early, make sure your car is filled with gas, and dress warmly for this special program, which lasts about three hours. No dogs are allowed at the presentation or howl location as they can disturb the experience for 2,000+ participants.

If a Wolf Howl is not held, the following Evening Program will be held instead – The Wolves of Algonquin - Join a Park Naturalist to learn about the intimate world of wolves and how humans have helped shape their destiny here in Algonquin and everywhere else.

Potential Public Wolf Howls take place only on Thursdays in August, or Thursdays in September before Labour Day, when weather and accessible wolves permit.

More information about Public Wolf Howls can be found at

To see images of a Public Wolf Howl on Facebook click:

Algonquin Park Public Wolf Howls are a Canadian Tourism Commission Signature Experience, representing once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences found in Canada.

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