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TitleThe TriMuskokan Try-a-Tri and Short Course Triathlon and Duathlon
Place nameCanada Summit Centre- 20 Park Dr, Huntsville
Date startSunday, June 26 2016 08:00am (969 Days Ago)
Date endThursday, May 26 2016 09:00am (1000 Days Ago)

The TriMuskokan event itself is a destination, where the journey of becoming active through multi-sport is the real goal. The goal to leading an active and healthy lifestyle in a sport that supports cross training through strength, swim, bike, and run.

We call it an event, and not a race, because for many it is a celebration. A culmination of the exercise and training that will bring a personal challenge on the big day. Sure, you are on the course with a bunch of other people, but really the only person you are racing against is yourself. So, see the event as just that: a way to challenge yourself to do something new, something exciting, and something that is going to be a lot of fun!

The event has three main elements:
[1] TRY A TRI: this event distance is a perfect way to test the waters, literally, in the sport of triathlon. A 400m swim (16 lengths of the pool, do any stroke!), 10km bike (mountain or road bike), and a 2.5km run to top it off. This distance will leave you feeling on top of the world as you cross the finish line.

[2] SHORT COURSE TRIATHLON: This is a distance for those with a bit of experience in the sport or have a good baseline amount of fitness. The short course is a 750m swim, 30km bike, and 7km run. Mountain bikes are allowed, as participation is the main ingredient at the end of the day. There is a duathlon at this short course event as well which is a 2.5km run, 30km bike, and 7km run.

This year, we are trying to engage the local community by challenging themselves, their kids, their coworkers and their family members to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle with a attainable goal in sight. To help our community out, our triathlon club has created three new fun and exciting community based challenges:
1. A family relay challenge: family members put together a relay team, and hopefully challenge another family for bragging rights, and maybe who does the dishes at the celebratory post race dinner
2. A high school relay challenge: high school students aged 14-19 put together relay teams and compete with their school colours for academic supremacy
3. A corporate relay challenge: businesses can put relay teams together to create a healthy dose of friendly competition within a company, as well as to challenge their business rivals to see who comes out on top! This will provide a great opportunity for team building and collegiality outside of the business day.

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