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TitleWellness Chi Kung
Place nameActive Living Centre
Date startTuesday, April 04 2017 07:00pm (416 Days Ago)
Date endTuesday, June 06 2017 08:30pm (352 Days Ago)

Chi Kung means energy work. Chi Kung is part of traditional Chinese medicine and is commonly used for its beneficial healing effects. Chi Kung uses the natural functions of your body to release stress, develop flexibility, stamina and coordination, and help heal chronic joint and back problems.

The idea of Chi Kung is to balance, increase and store Chi - the body's energy, and Chi Kung's techniques and benefits are cumulative. As you practice, your body will become more relaxed and stronger, helping to improve your health and lift your spirits.


Instructor - Ron Stevens Note: Wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle.

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