Muskoka Vacation House


Muskoka Vacation House is a vacation rental property promoting the beauty and heritage of Huntsville, Muskoka. It is a charming house in the heart of Huntsville that dates back to the early 1900s that has been fully renovated and brought back to it’s former glory. It is an elegant, stylish vacation property in the heart of Huntsville. Walking distance to everything. Huntsville’s charm, its friendly folks, main street, the waterfront, the theatre productions and its proximity to many other attractions in Muskoka such as Arrowhead Park, Algonquin Park, Hidden Valley Ski resort, the nearby beaches, etc. make this town so unique to visit. No other town in Muskoka can compete with the amount of activities nearby.

Muskoka Vacation House is a 5 star rated vacation rental property focused on the joys of being right in the heart of Huntsville.

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